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Just in time for May 3rd, or, because we're too good to let Pope Gregory XIII tell us how to refer to dates, April 33rd, it's a tabletop RPG that faithfully recreates the experience of listening to John Cage's classic 4'33". 

4'33" is a short RPG with no playthrough taking longer than 5 minutes. It is also infinitely replayable with no two playthroughs exactly alike.  

4'33" works best with 2-5 people, but can be played solo or with more than 5 players if you so choose.

The game rules are free. Paying $4.33 gets you a formatted pdf, an audiobook, and an audio timer.


Buy Now$4.33 USD or more

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433-RPG version 4.3.3.pdf 215 kB
433 rpg audiobook.mp3 2 MB
433 rpg official timer.mp3 5 MB

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